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Demystifying Contact Lenses

The first and only recommendation we will make to consumers on this site is to consult an eyecare provider if you have specific questions concerning your vision health, your eyes or your contact lenses.

Imperial Optical distributes contact lenses to eyecare professionals. We are not qualified to provide advice on issues concerning your health or vision care nor do we sell contact lenses directly to consumers. While there are many direct-to-consumer contact lens retailers out there, we believe that trusted eyecare professionals provide consumers the safest, most reliable source of vision care. If you choose to purchase discount contact lenses online, the money saved would be well spent keeping those periodic eye exams and contact lens follow-up appointments.

To help promote crisp, clear vision, better eye health and optimal lens wearing comfort, consider these important tips for successful contact lens wear and care.

Wash your hands with a mild soap and dry them with a lint-free towel before touching your contact lenses.
Clean, rinse, and disinfect your contact lenses each time you remove them. Follow your eyecare professional's instructions.
Keep all solution bottles closed when not in use.
Clean your contact lens case daily and let air-dry. Replace your contact lens case every three months.
Use solution before the expiration date marked on bottle.
Remove contacts before you go swimming.
Carry your contact lens case along with a bottle of multipurpose solution to have a safe place to store your contact lenses.
Keep scheduled regular appointments with your eyecare provider

Do Not:
Allow soaps, cosmetics, or other substances to come into contact with your contact lenses.
Touch the tip of a contact lens care solution bottle to any surface, including your finger or the contact lens.
Re-use any contact lens care solution.
Use eye drops or solutions not intended for use with contact lenses.
Wear your contact lenses in the presence of harmful or irritating vapors or fumes.
Wear contact lenses for more than the prescribed time.
Swap contact lenses with anyone.
Apply hairspray after putting your contact lenses on.

These tips will help guide you, but always follow the advice of your eyecare professional.

If you are not currently a contact lens wearer and want to see if contact lenses may be right for you, contact an eyecare professional. If you currently do not have an eyecare professional, feel free to call us at 800-367-8422 or complete the email form on the Contact Us page and we can provide you with the names of certified Optometrists, Ophthalmologists and/or Opticians in your area. Once you have been fitted for contact lenses, your eyecare provider will instruct you on proper insertion, care, and maintenance of your contact lenses. If you experience eye discomfort, you should consult your eyecare provider immediately.

If you are a current contact lens wearer and want to try a different brand, you will need to see your eyecare provider to be fitted for that brand. A different brand than that prescribed to you by your doctor may not fit properly or adjust to your eyes, since different brands of contact lenses come in different sizes and materials. If you would like information on current promotional offers and rebates directly from the manufacturers, call us or send us an email requesting we keep you posted on who is offering what and for how long.

We will be updating our consumer pages in the upcoming weeks to include more detailed information on each contact lens that Imperial Optical carries in stock, a special page that links to all the current manufacturers' promotions and rebate offers, and more.

In the meantime, we suggest visiting www.AllAboutVision.com for a wealth of information about contact lenses.

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